You Are Spoken For


You Are Spoken For

When a lady becomes engaged to be married, she gets given an engagement ring ? while awaiting the actual wedding.

And oh the excitement and joy of knowing that finally, she’s spoken for! The ring is a symbol of the man’s promise that sometime in the near future, he will come back and take her as is bride.

While she has the ring, ideally, no other man is permitted to court her. It’s as good as a wedding ring. She has been “sealed” by the man for himself.

In the same way, we, the church, have been given the Holy Spirit as our engagement ring. He is the sign that we are betrothed to Christ and sometime in the future, He will come and finalise our wedding to Himself.

This Holy Spirit is the seal that marks us as spoken for. No other authority is allowed to come and woo us. Even if they tried, the power of the Holy Spirit will help us to stay true to our promise to await our Groom.

He is there to ensure that we are enjoying everything that we should in preparation for our wedding day.

Freedom, glory, wealth, honour, blessings, power and victory over anything that wants to destroy the testimonies of our engagement. This is how He prepares us for our wedding.

So, if you’re born again and Spirit filled, you’re spoken for. Sealed for the highest level of God’s glory and honour.
No more living in penury. There’s no more being passed from one trial to another without help and support. No more confusion and not knowing what to do.

You will no longer be moved by every wind ? of doctrine or “wooing” that may want to break your engagement. Stay sealed by being led by the Holy Spirit in all your ways. Walk worthy of your engagement.

Stay faithful by allowing the Holy Spirit to help and strengthen you. Await your groom while you’re being prepared to be presented to Him without any spot or wrinkle!


Father, help us to stay true to our end of this engagement promise. Help us to always listen to the Holy Spirit and to be well prepared for our Bridegroom.

May we also never lose the oil in our lamps while we wait, and may we enter with the Bridegroom when He does return, in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a glorious day. Agape ❤

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