A Very Capable Help


A Very Capable Help

We may pass through some moments in life that make us wish that situations were different. When going through certain difficulties, you may think to yourself “oh I wish I was born by so and so influential and wealthy person.

Or it could be that you’re looking for a dream job in a very high profile company, and you’re wishing that you have close relationship with a top executive who can make your dream come true.

Yet again, maybe you’re bidding for a contract and you’re thinking to yourself that if only you knew the person making the decision about who wins the contract, then you’d be sure of success.

Times like these could be really hard to go through and some people have actually succumbed to the temptation of seeking for help outside of the LORD’s power.

It could be times of grave illnesses and the doctor’s report isn’t encouraging. There may be a problem with your finances or it could even be your children.

Sometimes, people may have given in to temptations to look for solutions in places they shouldn’t, all because they do not trust God enough to believe that He will come through for them, no matter what.

Or it could be that they find it difficult to wait patiently for Him to come to their aid at the right time and before it’s too late. It could also be that they’re blatantly saying that this issue is too hard for God, it’s better to find a “more capable” help elsewhere.

We ensnare and enslave ourselves to the kingdom of darkness by asking for solutions to our problems from them. We leave meat and run after bones. And not just any bones, but bare, chewed up and spat out bones!

Let me remind you, dearly beloved, you as a child if God are operating at a level that is way higher that those whom you’re seeking help from. They have nothing that compares with the power that resides inside you.

God lives in you. He is more than a capable help. He created and controls every power known and unknown to man. Stop wishing for help in places where there is none.

Stop running helter skelter. Like the three Hebrew boys in the book of Daniel, believe that Yahweh will save you regardless. Also be resolute that even if He doesn’t, you still would not compromise!


May the LORD give us strength through ANYTHING that may come our way in life. That we may stand strong and uncompromising in our trust in God’s power to save, in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a beautiful day. Agape ❤

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