With Excitement!


With Excitement!

It’s been said in the scriptures that every man’s works shall be tested and tried by fire for quality. This is not quantity, but quality.

If your work is made of paper or wood, it will not stand the test of the fire. It shall burn. But if your work is made of gold, silver, bronze or any material that can stand the test of fire, then you have been justified.

The quality of our work is found in the heart. It isn’t the fact that we are always busy for God, no! It isn’t how many people we have prayed for or given to.

Our work quality isn’t how many miracles have been done through us, neither is it what people are saying about what we are doing. Absolutely not!

It’s not what you do for the LORD, but how you do it. Do you do the little or much that you do with a lot of passion and zeal for the LORD? Or do you do it grudgingly with complaints?

What will the LORD, who sees every heart and every hidden motive say about your service to Him. Will it be acceptable as a wholehearted service, or will it be rejected as high quantity but low quality?

Let us keep a check on ourselves. It’s a privilege to be used by Yahweh. Do all that you do in His service with joy and great zeal. God does not reward grudging service.


Father, thank You for counting us worthy of service in Your vineyard. It is indeed a privilege to partner with You in Your work here on earth.

Please fill our hearts with fresh zeal and passion that we may serve You wholeheartedly. No matter how little or much we are doing, let the quality of our work stand the test of fire in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a glorious day. Agape ❤

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