Resistant To Devastations


Resistant To Devastations

So, there’s a piece of news that is currently making the rounds about how Africans may be resistant to the novel coronavirus. This news apparently
stemmed from the fact that a young Cameroonian student in China was cured of the virus.

The coronavirus has killed over 1,700 people in China and it’s now spreading to different parts of the world. While China has struggled to battle the virus successfully in many infected patients, this young man has made full recovery from it.

This has caused some people to say that the African skin is resistant to the virus. Others claim that it is something in the black man’s genetics, while still more others say that is to do with the fact that Africans have strong immune system.

Well, whether this is true or not, I know a set of people who are completely immune to this virus or any form of plague that may hit the earth. These people have an invisible shield around them.

Their shield of faith will allow in, peace, joy, health, goodness, favour, mercy, good health, healing and every good thing. It will however, keep out sicknesses, diseases, failure, shame, dishonour and every evil!

These set of people are those who continually dwell under the shadow of the Almighty. They take their refuge under His wings. They do not fear for any devastation because He who keeps them has all devastations bowing before Him.

No matter the epidemics, devastations or wars, you will survive and you will flourish in the wake of them all. Keep hiding under the shadow Father’s wings. Never fear, as long as you remain hidden in Christ in God!


Father, thank You because Your protection over those whom You have called by Your name is sure. Thank You because Your perfect love for us casts out every fear of affliction or devastation out of our hearts.

Do please continue to shield and protect us. And please stay Your hand in this epidemic of coronavirus. Comfort every family affected by the deaths and let Your mercy prevail in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a beautiful day. Agape ❤

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