The LORD Is There, Even In The Stretching


The LORD Is There, Even In The Stretching

A very resilient person is like an elastic band. You stretch it, release it and it returns to its original shape. You can go through this process time and time again and the resilience keeps kicking in until a time you apply a force greater than its elastic limit and then it loses its resilience.

Life can be a force that stretches us time and time again. We pass through trials, challenges, situations and temptations that will seem like they will break us. But then, we have some respite and we return to our state of some peace and wholeness.

Life has stretched some to the point where they’re completely broken and they never return to wholeness. That is not the portion of all who trust in Yahweh. This is because He has promised never to allow us be ‘stretched’ beyond our elastic limit.

He is with us to cushion the effect of all that we pass through so that we retain our resilience. If we trust in Him and His words. Retain His presence by meditating on His promises and living a life full of worship.

Jehovah Shammah has promised never to leave you nor forsake you. No matter how far or how wide life, situations and circumstances stretch you, Jehovah will always be there with you. #JehovahShammah #Selah.


Dear Father, thank You for Your promises of hope and help in all that we go through. Thanks for Your ever abiding presence even through all that we have and will go through in life.

Please LORD, keep us safe from anything that will break us and cause us to give up on our faith or trust in You. Preserve our resilience and let us always know that you’re all there with us in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a wonderful day and stay safe under the blood ? Agape ❤️
© Tosin Oyelakin 2020

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