The Judge Has Judged


The Judge Has Judged

Yahweh is a gracious God, righteous and holy in all His ways. He reigns over everything including the kingdom of Satan. He most definitely reigns in the life of His children.

His children are those who have been received into His kingdom by the blood of Yeshua.Those who have been reconciled to Him.

Where we had been ruled by our own fleshly desires and lust, going after our own way, we are now surrendered to His will.

The rulers of darkness and evil no longer have the right to reign in your life. The LORD is a jealous God and will not share His throne with anyone.

Therefore, He rises to judge as He convenes the court of heaven. And he judges anything that rules or sits as a judge over your life.

When the court of heaven convenes on your matter and your Father is The Judge, no other dares judge against you. Father has declared you His child innocent, discharged and acquitted!

It’s time to call upon heaven’s court to convene on that matter. It’s time for your Advocate, Yeshua, to show His wounds. The same ones He bore on your behalf.

It’s time for the voice of His blood to silence every accusation laid against you. It’s time for The Judge of all the earth to do right by you. Call on heaven’s court, and let The Judge judge.


Father, arise and convene Your court. Judge over every matter that Your children will bring to You. Let the blood of Yeshua speak mercy for us.

Let not the reign of evil and terror continue to plague our lives any longer. Deliver, revive and restore us in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a glorious day. Agape ❤

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