Rest On Grace


Rest On Grace

The bible talks about how Yahweh created all of creation in six days. And on the seventh, He rested. He finished all His works.

In His rest, He also gave us rest because He had put in motion, laws and rules that would mean we don’t have to toil.

The earth was to continually bring forth its fruit, trees and herbs. The sea was to continually bring forth life in its own creatures. The birds, all the animals, the universe, He completed everything.

He even breathed His life into man who was supposed to be continually blessed to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion. It was meant to be easy. No lack, no toiling, just tending and eating the fruit of God’s labour.

With sin however came the curse of hard work, lack and toiling. No rest, just works. Even to enter into Gods peace and favour was hard work.

But then Yeshua came and brought us grace. He again, just like in the beginning, did all the work of redemption. And on the cross at Calvary, Jesus cried out – It Is Finished!!

That means all our toiling, suffering and life without rest could finally come to an end. We can finally just rest on His Grace. No more hard work to please Father.

No more having to slaughter animals to become righteous, no lack, no suffering. Just reconciliation and peace, joy and hope, favour and love. REST! GRACE!!

Grace carries you, cease from trying to find fulfilment in your works. Rest in God’s grace, then you will find the peace that comes from knowing that He has finished all your works for you.


Father, please lead us to understand that Your rest for us is freely given and all we need has been given – Grace. Help us to enter into Your rest through faith.

Let us continually walk in and celebrate Your finished works and to actually rest in them. No more toiling and lack, no more distress and sorrow in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a blessed day. Agape ❤

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