Open Hearts and Souls


Open Hearts and Souls

Posted OnJuly 13, 2020 0

Some of us are naturally good with words and we can literally convince a bird to come off a tree for us. These kind of people are naturally blessed with the gift of persuasion.

If they can perfect this gift with use and experience, they can even preach and you will be standing to attention and applauding by the time they finish. This is called using the enticing worlds of men’s wisdom according to the scriptures.

But what will be lacking in such situations is the power of God that brings about a repentance that lasts.

It will excite you and appeal to your physical senses, however, it will make no permanent difference to how you think or live your life.

This is because the words are coming, not from the place of power, but from the place of practice only. Nothing wrong in sharpening your art through practice, but more than that, we need to seek the power to accompany our words.

Everything we do is open before the Father. Our hearts and souls are an open book before Him. While we can deceive men, we can never deceive God. He knows us and where we are coming from, through and through.

Yahweh knows those who are His. Our preaching is just words unless they have the recognition and backing of heaven. It is important that we lead in righteousness and truth!

Everyone that leads in any way, as a child home or a student at school; at home as a parent; at work, leading a team; anywhere in which you take a leadership position, do so with the power and backing that comes from God.

Let your light truly shine for all men to see. Don’t lead through just your words, but also through doing and through the display of truth, peace and uprightness. By doing this, all men will see our light and truly glorify our Father in Heaven.


Father, thank You for teaching and showing us through Jesus, how to live and display your power. Not just by saying the right things, but also by doing the will of the Father.

Help our hearts and souls to align with Yours, so that, even though we perfect our persuasiveness through learning and practice, we may also perfect it through the true display of leadership qualities and power that are found only in You.

Help our words be true instructions that come from a heart that is upright and at peace with You at all times, in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe under the blood ? Agape ❤️
© Tosin Oyelakin 2020

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