One Day …


One Day …


One day you will try to open your eyes, but will be unable to. You will try to lift and move your limbs, but will be powerless to. One day you will take one deep breath that will be your very last and final breath. One day your heart will make one last and final squeeze of blood and then stop … forever.

One day your physical body will be laid to rest in a hole or cremated or disposed of in any other way possible. One day your spirit will leave your body and make an eternal journey to one of 2 possible but final destinations … heaven or hell.

That day, the people here will say that you have passed away. That day may be some minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years or decades away, but it WILL DEFINITELY come. Everyone passing through this planet must face that day.

What determines your final destination on that day is based on how you lived your life here, what/who you believed in, the decisions you made and how you treated other people. One sure way to ensure that you enter into joy everlasting on that day is by believing in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the saviour of the whole earth, love God with all your heart, and love people. If you base all your actions and lifestyle on these 3 things, it’s very clear where you will end up on that “One Day”.

What have you got go loose, when there’s just so much to gain! Remember you have only one life to live, and then the one day comes, will it be a day of “welcome back, good and faithful servant” or a day of eternal weeping and gnashing of teeth? You decide …

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