Posted OnMarch 6, 2019 0

#HappyWednesday. #DailyWoW:

The hearts of Yahweh’s kings are in His hands to guide in the path that He has chosen for them. He teaches them His way through His words and they are pliable in His hands to mold and shape them according to His will. He works in His people so that His will becomes their desire and they are happy to please Him in all their ways.

Are you one of Yahweh’s kings? Will you release yourself for His words to take hold in your heart, to grow and be fruitful? Say this, “my heart is in Your hands Lord. I release myself for you to take me deeper Into Your Words so that it may change me and cause me to walk in Your good and perfect will for me, in Yeshua’s most powerful name!”

May the Lord grant us understanding and a teachable spirit so we can grow into the fullness of the measure of our Lord Yeshua. #Selah

Have a wonderful day. Agape ❤️.

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