Merciful God


Merciful God

It’s been 364 days in the year 2019, and with just one more day to go, we are looking forward to the year 2020 with great excitement and hopes.

Many have not made it this far and it’s good to reflect and think … how and why have I made it to this day and time?

You may conclude that it’s luck, or it’s just not your time yet, or even that it’s because you’ve been good. Eating right, exercising, not doing anything that would harm you, just being extra careful about your health.

While all these do help and may be true to a very small extent, to a much more greater measure, it’s been the mercies of Yahweh that has kept us till this day.

Even if we claim that we have been that good, all of our righteousness is like filthy rags before Him. So, that’s never enough.

In all the days of this year so far, can you count how many time you have done, said or entertained thoughts you should not have?

We never get what we deserve for all our shortcomings. His loving kindness and mercy shield us from the punitive measures our sins deserve. Thank God that He doesn’t count our sins, otherwise, who would stand?

Father, thank You for keeping us in Your mercies. Thank You for granting us the opportunity to still be here today, to witness the end of this year and the start of another.

We thank You for your mercies that will continue with us throughout the ages if Yeshua tarries. Thank You so much LORD Jesus! #Selah

Have a wonderful day. Agape ❤

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