Lead Us Forward, LORD


Lead Us Forward, LORD

The duties of The Shepherd revolve around the welfare and protection of every single sheep under His care.

The Shepherd is always on duty, round the clock. They are constantly watching over their sheep. They will also guide the sheep to where there is good food and away from anything poisonous.

The Shepherd can use the help of other animals like guard dogs (guardian angels) to keep the sheep safe. They keep the sheep away from predators that may want to devour them.

If any of their sheep gets hurt or becomes weary, they tend to them and carry them on their shoulders until they recover and are ready to walk on their own feet.

When the sheep is bedded down at night to sleep, the shepherd lies awake to keep the sheep from any attacks.

When the sheep is pregnant (with a vision) they are susceptible to disease from insect bites and the shepherd protects them from these. The Shepherd is also there during labour to assist with the birthing.

When the sheep’s hair is overgrown, The Shepherd ‘prunes’ (shearing) all the excess weight that could slow it down, thereby allowing for growth!

The LORD Yeshua is our Shepherd, leading us victoriously into the year 2020. Whatever the future holds, remember The Shepherd will always lead you, His arms will carry you whenever you’re weary!

He will always be on duty as He never sleeps nor slumbers. Furthermore, He will lead us away from temptation and poisonous situations. But lead us in favourable and good paths to our supplies.

The Shepherd will keep us safe and always give His angels charge over us. We will never stumble. He will also bring to birth every dream and vision that we are pregnant with. We will never miscarry!


Lead us forward LORD! Lead us our good Shepherd into the new year for in You we put our trust. Go before, come behind and surround us with Your ever loving arms.

Be our strength and shield and take us through the future victoriously in Yeshua’s mighty name! #Selah

Have a great day and see you in the new year! Agape ❤

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