Infused With The Holy Spirit


Infused With The Holy Spirit

Posted OnFebruary 6, 2020 0

When God created man in the beginning, he laid lifeless and without anything remarkable about him other than he was formed from the earth. But there was no life in him.

When God, however, breathed into man’s nostrils His own breath, suddenly, this lifeless being came to life. He started to move and speak.

He even immediately demonstrated great intelligence by naming all the other animals that God had created before him.

God looked at this masterpiece, saw all the potential in him to be an awesome wonder like Himself, and said “Now, this is good!”

Man lost this estate through sin, but Jesus came to restore that estate to us. He came to show us that we are still an awesome wonder and masterpieces, if only we would realign with Him and His Spirit within us.

In all that we do, we should demonstrate this awesomeness. Even when we open our mouths to speak, people should wonder at our wisdom. Everywhere we go, we should leave a trail of the demonstration of the power of Yahweh at work in us.

You have been infused with the Spirit of He whose mind and wisdom transcends all human wisdom. Live like the awesome wonder that you are! Speak, think and walk like the awesome wonder that you are!


Father, as you made us in Your image and likeness, and just like Jesus demonstrated great wisdom while He was here, help us to demonstrate Your attributes wherever we go.

In all that we do, let Your Holy Ghost power be made fully available for us to walk in, to speak forth and to show forth Your power and glory, in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a glorious day. Agape ❤

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