Extraordinary, Not Ordinary


Extraordinary, Not Ordinary

Posted OnFebruary 5, 2020 0

When we become children of God, our lives and who we are completely change. We become something that we can’t ever be without this conversion.

It’s as if a chemical reaction takes place to take us from being sinners to being righteous. It takes us from sitting in darkness to walking in the light.

This reaction takes us from being fatherless to being adopted into the greatest and most powerful family of Christ. Also, we turn from being ordinary into becoming extraordinary beings.

And all this, just by accepting Christ as our Lord, and Jehovah as our Father. We become blessed instead of being cursed.

We become powerful beings who can speak things unseen into being. Also, we can make decrees and we see them happen. When we lay hands on the sick, they miraculously become well again.

We can do things that cannot be explained. All because our spirits become one with, and become powered by the Holy Spirit!

On your own, however, you’re as ordinary as they come. But with God, you become an invincible, spiritual being who can defy any devastation and come out unscathed.

Don’t walk through life as an ordinary being. Don’t live just like any other who doesn’t have any power working in and through them. Engage the power of the Holy Spirit.

Storms and devastations are opportunities for you to show the glory of our Father. Take the opportunities, don’t run from them.


Father, please give us more and more understanding of who we are in You. Please give us the confidence to display Your power that is at work in us.

Teach us how to engage the power of the Holy Spirit so that by You, we can run through any troop, and scale any obstacles in our way in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a wonderful day. Agape ❤

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