God’s Tolerance Is Not Weakness


God’s Tolerance Is Not Weakness

Posted OnJune 10, 2020 0

Sometimes, to those who live righteously, to the oppressed or to those who seem at a disadvantage, it may seem as if Yahweh is slow to judge and avenge wickedness.

It may even seem as if the wicked ones are prospering or flourishing despite the fact that they are oppressing others in the process.

To the wicked themselves, they may be wondering why they need to repent and turn away from wickedness when everything seems to be working well for them. They’re prospering, and it doesn’t matter what evil they perpetrate in the process.

One thing about God, though, is that He is not slow to act. Rather, His patience is to give enough time for the oppressor to stop oppressing. It is to give time for the wicked to desist from the evil ways.

You see, Father’s desire is for everyone to be saved. He never delights in the destruction of anyone. Therefore, He seems to be tolerant of evil.

However, God’s tolerance of wickedness is never a sign of weakness. It is the long rope the wicked gets prior to their sudden destruction. It also is for their cup of wickedness to overflow to the point of judgement, just like it happened with Pharaoh.

To the righteous, I say shalom! Do not fret at wickedness. The LORD your God will save and deliver if you continue in your righteousness.

To the wicked, I say repent! For the day of reckoning shall definitely come if you continue in your wickedness.


Father, you have promised to bring justice for the oppressed and victory to victims of the wicked ones. Thank You because not one jot of Your words will ever pass away.

I pray that the heart of the ungodly will be turned to You in repentance so that they do not partake of your judgement of wickedness which is to come.

I also pray that You will bring light, hope, freedom and victory to every victim of oppression, evil, racism, discrimination and any form of wickedness in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a marvellous day and stay safe under the blood ?. Agape ❤️.
© Tosin Oyelakin 2020

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