Daily Words of Wisdom.


Daily Words of Wisdom.

Posted OnApril 4, 2019 0


Hello there! Happy Thursday. Here’s your Daily W.O.W. …

The constant reassurance of the promises of Yahweh to always be there for all those who live according to His precepts brings peace and hope. Knowing that you’re not living a godly life just for nothing, but that the Lord will keep watch over you and will always listen to the voice of your cries is super encouraging!

Don’t be discouraged, keep toeing the path of righteousness and holiness unto the Lord. None of it is in vain. There are rewards and Yahweh never fails! No one who practices evil has the backing of God. They will fail. May Yahweh keep us from falling away from righteousness in Yeshua’s name. #Selah

Have a glorious day. Agape ❤️

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