Cross the Threshold of True Knowledge


Cross the Threshold of True Knowledge

Posted OnMarch 15, 2022 0

The things of Yahweh are very deep and it takes wisdom and insight to begin to understand them. His ways and thoughts are truly so much higher than ours, and so it takes the power of the Holy Spirit in us to comprehend them.

That is why it is absolutely difficult for an unbeliever or an atheist to make any sense of the word of God, it’s foolishness to them. They think we who do so are nuts to even consider it. Whereas, it is the other way round!

It is only a foolish person who see obedience to God as foolish. There is no knowledge or wisdom outside of living a life that is wholly devoted in obedience to Yahweh’s counsel.

The wisest or most knowledgeable of men by the world’s standards is the most foolish if they shun Yahweh’s commands. They have not crossed the threshold of true knowledge.

For you who have understanding and live in obedient devotion to God, your knowledge and wisdom transcends any wisdom that the world operates in.

The Holy Spirit who works in you is not of this world. He is God Himself. You are the keepers of true knowledge. Live it,  teach it, and manifest it in every way!


Dear Father, thank You for endowing us, Your children with the gift of Your Holy Spirit who teaches us all things.

Please help us to continually display His divine wisdom and knowledge through our obedience to Him. By so doing, through us, You Will confound the ‘wisdom’ of mere men who do not acknowledge You, in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a glorious day and stay safe under the blood ? Agape ❤️

*© Tosin Oyelakin, March 2022*

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