Be a Man, Submit to God


Be a Man, Submit to God

Posted OnMay 11, 2021 0

One thing I have found that is difficult for humans to do is fully submit to another. That’s why slavery is abhorrent to us. And to enslave another you have to forcefully break them into submission. It doesn’t come naturally to us.

And truly, God did not create us to subdue or dominate one another. We have been given dominion over all other creations and we are to subdue the earth, but never another human.

One thing we are created to do, however, is to submit completely to our creator; His will and His commands. To worship Him and always give Him glory. That is what it means to be a man. This should come naturally to us.

Unfortunately, the fall of man brought into our heart, pride against our Creator. The same sin that caused Lucifer to be cast out of heaven. We do not want to submit to anyone, not even Yahweh.

But unlike men who enslave others, Yahweh will not force you into submission. He has given you free will and you have to bring yourself before Him willingly. You have to be a man indeed!

The strength of a man is found in His obedience to God. To show yourself a man is to keep the charge of the LORD  and walk in His precepts.

This is how Yahweh created you and until this principle is followed, humanity will always continue to struggle to prosper. We will prosper when we become the men that we were created to be. Be a man, submit to God!


Father, thank You for creating us in Your image and after Your likeness, that we may give you the glory and honour. This is what we do when we submit to You, to keep Your charge and precepts.

Please help us to become the men that we were created to be, who prosper in following the will and commands of their Creator. Grant us this wisdom that we may no longer struggle in our humanity in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah.

Have a beautiful day and stay safe under the blood ? Agape ❤️

*© Tosin Oyelakin 2021* ⁣

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