As Real As A Solid Rock


As Real As A Solid Rock

Posted OnApril 24, 2020 0

One day, just after hubby and I got married, while we were still living in Lagos, Nigeria, I was almost kidnapped. In Maryland, on my way back home from work, walking to catch a bus.

They came up to me, two men in a car and the third on foot, asking for directions. They wouldn’t leave me alone even after I had told them I didn’t know the directions they were asking for.

If you know how they work, they use diabolical means to make you lose consciousness while still walking and they kidnap you.

My saving grace was, just as I felt myself grow dizzy, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, start praying in tongues. Which I did, quietly while chewing the gum I had in my mouth.

Suddenly, one in the car commanded me to throw the gum out of my mouth which I did. Then he commanded, get in the car! But so boldly and angrily, they weren’t expecting it, I said NO! I will not! Leave me alone or I’ll disgrace you here today!

Confused, the one on foot jumped in the car and they drove away yelling abuses at me. Their plot, foiled by the Holy Spirit! This is just one of countless number of times that God has saved me from evil.

My Point:

Some people say it’s hard to believe in a God that they cannot see. That the claims in the bible of a God who has no beginning or an end, who created everything for his own pleasure is just way outside of what their human minds can comprehend.

Yes, God’s workings are way outside of our human comprehension, but you only need to experience His incomprehensible deliverance from evil once to believe and know that He is as real as a solid rock beneath your feet.

Nothing is as real as the love and protection of Yahweh for His own people. You will never ever be without help. That is a guarantee.

And everyone who makes Him their habitation and tower of strength CANNOT be touched by evil. They may come, but will be disappointed because they will meet the power of your God who is mighty to save! Hallelujah!!


Father, thank You for being a real Father to us. Always watching out for us. Delivering us and conquering every power of darkness on our behalf.

I pray that as many as will see you as their hiding place will see your miraculous deliverance in their lives time and time again. And they will experience Your real and solid presence in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah.

Have a glorious day and stay safe under the blood. Agape ❤️

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