All We Need Is God


All We Need Is God

Posted OnApril 3, 2020 0

When God created everything on earth, the plants, animals, the atmosphere sun, moon, stars and even humans, He looked at what He created and said they were good!

Before this, the earth was without form, it was void of anything. There was pitch darkness all over the face of the earth. But the first thing God did was to take care of the darkness by commanding light!

He understands that there is very little you can do in darkness, and so He needed to dispel it and bring in the light. Then He caused there to be a separation between light and darkness because they’re not compatible.

Afterwards, He went on to create everything else which He saw was good and very good each step of the way. He made this earth a good place for us to live in.

But we have turned away from Him. We have taken the creator of the good things we had out of our lives and systems. Governments, schools, families, health systems, financial services, businesses and individuals have completely forgotten about their creator.

We have allowed the darkness back and it is spreading everywhere like a very aggressive cancer. Even we have no control of it anymore. It’s gone out of hand. But we have kicked out the only one who can command darkness and it will give way to light, Yahweh!

All we need to do is bring Him back in. We need to humble ourselves before Him and ask for His mercy. We need to turn back to Him in repentance.

Bring the LORD into darkness and He turns it around. Bring Him into chaos and He changes things. Never for evil, but always for good. Let Him in!


Father, thank You for everything you created for us to be able to live on earth is good. Thank You for Your original intentions were good towards us.

Please forgive us for bringing the darkness back. Restore our families, our schools, our government. LORD, restore our health and our financial systems. We ask that You come in and turn things around once again in our favour in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe. Agape ❤

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