Your Reward


Your Reward

Posted OnApril 7, 2020 0

There are two forces that operate in this world … good and evil. There are no grey areas or in-betweens, at least in the realm of the spirit. You will fall under either of these.

It just only naturally follows that there will be two different outcomes for everyone in this world. Depending on which force you operate in, you will have one of two rewards.

There is a reward for living life under the righteousness of God in Christ. And there is a reward for choosing to reject the salvation of the LORD through Christ. You will never receive the wrong reward.

Be Encouraged:

Evil is not the reward you get for serving the LORD. Calamity and misfortune is not for lovers of righteousness. Yahweh is a righteous Judge, He will give you what He promises.

Even when it seems like you’re not getting what you deserve, be still! Yahweh knows how to turn things around in Your favour because you’re His.

Just like He did for Job, Paul and Silas, the three Hebrew boys in Babylon, our father, Abraham and everyone else who served Him with the whole of their hearts.

You will not be exempt from this rule. No one will be missed out. This calamity will not be your reward for serving God.


Father, thank You because You’re a good and righteous judge. No good thing will you withhold from those who love and serve You.

Please continue to keep us from evil and calamities. Restore our confidence in You through these stormy times and make us trust in You to always do right by us in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah.

Have a beautiful day and stay safe. Agape ❤

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