Your Kindness Your Gains; Your Cruelty, Your Loss


Your Kindness Your Gains; Your Cruelty, Your Loss

Posted OnMarch 5, 2020 0

Every time you act in a certain way towards other people, you get something in return. It doesn’t matter whether these people are known to you or they are complete strangers.

What you get in return is determined by how you have acted towards them. They’re not the ones who will pay you back, but your actions will pay you back.

You see, when Yahweh created the heavens and the earth, he put a certain law in motion just like many others. This law states that when you sow a seed in whatever form, you reap the actual fruits on that seed.

You sow an apple seed, you reap
apples. You sow an orange seed, you reap oranges. And you know what, you only need to sow one seed to get hundreds of fruits.

And unless the trees that grow from these seeds are completely uprooted, they continue to bear fruits every season for many years after.

In the same way, actions are seeds. You sow kindness into others, you reap multiple kindness. You sow cruelty, you reap it bountifully.

As your kindness towards others is actually for your own gains, so is your cruelty for your own loss. You’re not doing it for them, you do it for you.

The trees you plant from either of these acts continually bring forth fruit, even long after you’re gone from this earth, unless you uproot them and destroy their hold upon your life.

You can uproot every tree of kindness you have grown by starting to sow seeds of cruelty, and vice versa. Now you don’t want to stop reaping kindness do you?

But if you’ve ever planted seed of cruelty, you will continue to reap it unless you repent and start to sow kindness as a seed into other people’s lives. The choice is completely yours!


Father, please help us to sow the right kind of seeds into others’ lives so that we may reap the right kind of fruits. Every seed of kindness we have sown, we receive a great harvest in return.

In any way we have been cruel and unkind to others, we repent now. We replace such acts with kindness and love and we and our children may begin to reap their bountiful harvest in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a blessed day. Agape ❤

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