When Righteousness Reigns


When Righteousness Reigns

Posted OnApril 2, 2021 0

One of the really good things about Good Friday is that it is the day that God began to re-establish His righteousness on the earth in the physical realm, through the death of Jesus. The whole process would take 3 days.

Prior to this time, evil reigned supreme. It took over the hearts of men and it made it absolutely difficult for those who wouldn’t bow to evil to shine in their righteousness.

It was dark, with no hope until The Light of hope began to shine in the midst of the darkness. Christ’s death on a day like this brought hope and peace to us, otherwise we would still be completely suppressed, being oppressed by evil.

When evil men rule, there is no peace for the righteous. But when the righteousness of Yahweh reigns, not only do the righteous live in peace, they also rise and shine bright like the sun.

This is what Jesus did for us. He gave us the license to rise and shine our lights brighter than ever before. So, let His righteousness reign in you so that you can do just that – shine!


Father, we thank You for allowing the death of Your Son, the Messiah, bring us to the point where we can truly be the lights that shine Your righteousness.

We rededicate ourselves to You on this Good Friday and ask that You continue to reign in righteousness over our lives, homes, our children and all our nations in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe under the blood ? Agape ❤️

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