Tune In!


Tune In!

Posted OnOctober 29, 2019 0

Heaven is always ready to bless us, now! Our promises from God is not meant for the distant future. When He’s ready to bless, it’s always now.

God never postpones what He plans to do now. We are the ones who delays His hand by not being in tune with His agenda.
We sometimes miss our visitations when we are out of tune with His plan, and we think that maybe sometime in the future, He will bring His words to pass.
It’s time to tune in to the frequency of heaven and receive all that Yahweh has for us now. Not tomorrow or sometime in the future, the LORD is ready to bless now. We receive it now!

I decree into our lives right now that there shall be no further delays of everything that is on heaven’s agenda for us. We receive that abundance of blessings right now as we tune in with faith, in Yeshua’s name. #Selah

Have great day. Agape ❤

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