Our God Is Stronger


Our God Is Stronger

Posted OnMarch 24, 2020 0

We live in times where we have a lot of things, situations, circumstances, people, etc that are trying to exalt themselves above the knowledge of Yahweh in our lives. They try to force us to succumb to their will.

These, most of the time, we have no control over. And it may even seem as if we have lost control over even those things that we should be able to control.

We have given ourselves to God. And we have also established His throne, His reign and rule over our lives. But somehow, things come that would contest His throne.

These would want to cause us to doubt Father’s sovereignty. They would try to make us fearful or to lose our faith.

However, let me encourage you today that our God reigns and rules in the affairs of men. His strength and power is incomparable to anything that exists anywhere.

I don’t care how powerful they are. They may be human beings or spirit beings, seen or unseen. Yahweh’s throne is stronger and lasts much longer – forever. They all bow to Him!

Nothing can change or move His throne. He reigns and rules over every inch of the universe. Everyone and everything belong to Him. Therefore, do not fret. Do not let your hearts be troubled.

When fear wants to set in, remind yourself of who your God is. The LORD will not allow your foot to be moved. He is for you, nothing and no one can work against you. You are blessed and loved profoundly by Him.

You are protected by Him. He holds your life, your family, your home, your peace, your health and everything that concerns you in His hands. He is faithful!


Father, thank You for loving us the way you do. Thank You because You’re not immune our trials. Thank You because Your care for us run too deep to be unconcerned.

Let Your strength and sovereignty over ALL THINGS be made manifest like never before. Let the whole earth know and acknowledge You as God in these times, in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a great day and stay safe. Agape ❤

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