Know It, Walk In It


Know It, Walk In It

Posted OnApril 17, 2020 0

One of the reasons why Jesus’ 3-year ministry is very important to us as Christians is that it demonstrated His authority over all things and showed us that we can also walk in that authority.

Before He left the earth, He transferred ALL that authority to us. He did not give us a measure of it, not a fraction. Not even 99.99%, but everything! 100% of His power and authority belongs to every child of God!

After Jesus left, He released to us His Holy Spirit to further establish that power and authority in us. However, it’s one thing to have something, but another to not just know it but also walk in it.

There is nothing as miserable as someone who has immense power and authority but doesn’t know it or use it.

This is because your enemy knows the authority you have and he is also very much aware of your ignorance. And he will take advantage of that and will do everything to keep you in that ignorance.

Until we have full knowledge of our authority and also walk in it, use it and establish it over the enemy, we will continue to live under the oppression of the evil one.

On the other hand, once you rise in your authority and start to exercise it, nothing is left out from you. You reign over ALL the powers of darkness. You will trample all his demons.

Also, you will overcome EVERY power that Satan possesses. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will be able to harm you! That is what Jesus has given to you!

It’s time to arise and fully exercise your authority. Rise and just let it flow! Stop holding back. Use it to the full!


Father, thank You for the power and authority in Your Son which you have transferred to us. Thank You for the gift of Your Holy Spirit who ensures that we continue to possess that power.

As we rise and walk in this same power and authority, please honour us and stamp it with signs and wonders following that Your name alone may be glorified in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah.

Have a victorious day and stay safe under the blood. Agape ❤

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