Give it Back


Give it Back

Posted OnApril 20, 2020 0

Everything we have in life is a gift, a blessing that we have received from the LORD. Our gifts, families, jobs, wealth, life and breath have all been given to us and we should never take these things for granted.

What we do with those things would indicate whether we understand that they’re gifts or whether we believe that we have acquired them by our own will and strengths.

Every day that we remain alive is also a blessing from God and what we do with the life that we have shows to whom we attribute our lives.

For me personally, every single day of my life is one that I have chosen give in service to Him, because I know what God has done for me to still have this life and breath. Never again will I take being still alive for granted.

Being able to watch my children grow. Being there for them when somebody else could have taken my place in their lives. And being healthy enough to play and run around with them. If for these alone I am blessed!

And that’s why I have chosen to give it all back to God in service. Singing praises to the LORD until my last breath is a vow I made to my creator. What has He gifted you with and how will you give it back to Him?

What will you do with your life knowing that every breath you’re able to take is a gift from above? Will you hold on to it, or will you give it back?

It’s time to count your blessings, and give them all back to the giver of all blessings. Don’t hold on to them. Use them to ‘sing’ His praises until your last breath is drawn.


Father, thank You for the gift of life, breath and health. You’re indeed the giver of all things and we praise You for these.

Help us LORD, to prioritise serving You with our lives above anything else we may desire, knowing that as we seek Your kingdom, you bless us even more with those things that we desire.

Teach us to make our lives praise You with every breath that we take, in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah. . Have a beautiful day and stay safe under the blood. Agape ❤

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