In Obedience to God’s Will


In Obedience to God’s Will

Posted OnMay 6, 2020 0

We know how great and powerful Jesus is. When He walked the earth as a man, He demonstrated His power and ability to do all things.

He healed countless number of people. And he raised many that were dead including Lazarus who had been dead for four days. He fed thousands by multiplying a small amount of food.

Again, He spoke, and the wind obeyed. He spoke, and demons immediately obeyed. There was nothing He could not do. But when it came to the death on the cross, He had to harness that power that came so naturally to Him.

I can imagine Him saying to Himself, when they were mocking Him to save Himself, “don’t let them get to you. You know this is Father’s will. Just do this. You cannot display your power here. Think of all those lives you will save.”

He really needed strength. Not only to bear the shame and the pain, but also to harness His power in that moment in time. And it was His humility to obey God’s will in love that kept Him on the cross.

To be like Christ is to harness your own power and strength of character in obedience to God’s will, which may seem to downplay who you truly are. Who Jesus truly was did not show while He was suffering on the cross. But when Father Himself raised Him in glory by His Holy Spirit, no one could contend that truly He is the Son of God.

Whatever you humble yourself to go through in obedience to God is but for a moment. You will be raised in power, strength and glory. When that happens, nothing and no one can contend that you are the son of God.


Father, thank You for giving us a great example in our Lord Jesus. Not just of demonstration of power, but also of demonstration of laying that power down in obedience and humility towards You.

Please help us to know how and when we need to be patient in allowing You to work things out in Your own way. Help us to understand that some of the things we go through is so that more lives can be won into the kingdom.

Teach us patience and trust just like Jesus. In Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah.

Have a beautiful and stay safe under the blood. Agape ❤️

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