Freedom Through Guidance


Freedom Through Guidance

Our relationship with our Heavenly Father can be seen even through the dynamics of an earthly parent-child relationship. When a baby is born, he/she relies wholly on their parents.

They trust them to feed and nurture them for growth. As they grow into toddlers and want to start to explore their environment, the parent is there to guide them away from danger and into safety.

The young one may be drawn to touch or eat things that could hurt them. But their parent would quickly get them away from that situation or danger. The child is trusting at this point and will generally yield to this guidance.

As they grow older, however and they form their own ideas and ideologies, the child wants even more freedom to explore the more. As a teenager or young adult, they may seek to make their own decisions and be free of rules and regulations.

The child may see the parent as being too restrictive and could just want to do things their own way. The parent might find that they have to step up their negotiating skills, being firm, balancing discipline and love at this time of the child’s life.

More rules and regulations would sometimes need to be introduced just to ensure that you as a parent are helping your child make the right choices in life that will not endanger their lives or future.

I have heard that parents never stop looking out for their children no matter how old they are. And I believe that this is also true of our relationship with God.

We may sometimes want to do things our own way, when we want to and how we want. But this may be contrary to what the LORD wants for us.

His timing and ways of doing things in our lives may be completely different to ours. We may begin to see God as being too restrictive of our freedom.

Serving Yahweh must not be seen as slavery to rules and regulations. That’s what your enemy does but he wants you to think that it is God who is enslaving you!

At the end of the day, just like a child grows to find out, you will realise the everything Father does, He does for our own good..

He does them for our safety and also that we may live peaceful, joyful and glorious lives of complete freedom. And also not leaving out the question of our ultimate eternal destination.


Father, help us to always feel Your love coming through everything that you take us through. May we never seek to break free from Your guidance in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah

Have a wonderful day. Agape ❤

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