Faith In The Face of Fearful Events


Faith In The Face of Fearful Events

Posted OnNovember 9, 2020 0

It is no longer news that indeed the whole world is, at this time, undergoing a great shaking. Just as fearful events are taking place here in the physical realm, you can also pick up the higher frequency of activities in the spirit realm, if you’re spiritually sensitive.

These events are ones that will truly shake everything but that which can withstand the shaking, faith. Faith that is rightly placed will remain strong in spite of events that are going on around it.

Yes, everything may be crumbling. Support structures that hold the society together may start to fail. Unnatural events like the mountains being moved and cast into the sea, so to speak, may be taking place.

And yes, when you do see these things, you may actually have legitimate reasons to develop fear.

We may have justifiable reasons to fear, but with GOD, faith does not depend on what we can see, feel or know. It’s based on knowing that His power transcends all that we can see, feel and know.

In these times, it’s highly imperative that all believers keep their gazes focussed on the power and might of God. Read about His mighty works. Meditate upon them and keep them in front of you at all times.

When anything happens that wants to bring fear into your heart, just remember that your GOD has managed worse events. He parted the Red Sea, plagued the Egyptians to set His people free.

He walked upon the waters, calmed the storm just by speaking to it. Also, He healed the sick, opened blinded eyes and raised dead people back to life. What can Yahweh not do.

Keep these thoughts before you at all times and fear will never replace the solid faith that will be generated in your heart!


Father, we thank You that great and marvellous are Your works. There is no match to it in heaven, on earth or anywhere.

Therefore, LORD, please help us to stay focused on Your power rather than fearful events that are taking place all around us. Grant us Your peace as our hearts stay upon You in faith in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah.

Have a peaceful day and stay safe under the blood ? Agape ❤️

© Tosin Oyelakin 2020

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