Peace Builds


Peace Builds

Posted OnMarch 16, 2020 0

When King David was always going from one battle to another, the LORD was definitely with Him and would always give him victory in all his battles. This is because the LORD saw the sincerity of his heart towards him.

The enemy was however fighting the lineage of David and did not want his throne established in Israel. During this times of warfare, David could not settle down to reign as King for many years.

He was always moving from one spot to another, seeking refuge and respite. So many battles, he couldn’t build even the house of the LORD.

His son, Solomon. on the other hand, reigned in peace and was able to build the house of Yahweh. He was able to fortify Israel by establishing the tabernacle of God in their land.

Peace builds. Peace in your life allows you to be fortified. You’re not running from one battle to another. You can even begin to intercede for others when you’re at peace in your own life.

You can focus on the things of the Kingdom and establish Father’s tabernacle in your land.

Peaceful times are building times. A life at peace is a life that is able to fortify itself and others. A life constantly at war may have victory, but has no time to build.


Father, we long for Your peace in our lives and also in our land. Give us Your divine peace in all areas of life. Give us rest from every enemy that rises against us LORD.

As we receive peace from You, help us to build ourselves and others around us. Help us to overflow Your peace and protection to everyone within our spheres of influence in Yeshua’s mighty name! #Selah

Have a great day. Agape ❤

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