God Is Able – Trust Him


God Is Able – Trust Him

Posted OnAugust 6, 2016 0

I personally believe that God’s most delicate and complicated task was making humans!
“Gasp! How could you say that!”, someone thinks. Well that’s my belief. Scripture lets us know that God did not need to consult anyone in order to speak every other work of creation into being. He spoke, and there was light. He spoke and the heavens separated from the ground. He spoke and the seas broke away from land. All other creatures in the air, the seas, on the land, creeping, flying, crawling and even the invisible ones were all spoken into being.

But when it came to man, God took counsel and said “let us make man in our own image and after our likeness”! Isn’t that amazing. And then God had to form man. Every sinew, bone, joints, tendons, intricate nerves, blood vessels, cells, brain…
Everything had to be strategically placed. It had to be the right size, it had to look right. The nerves all had to feed into the right muscle and linked with the right nerve root, and so on and so forth. Wow, what thoughts and effort must have gone into the formation of man!

From time immemorial, humans have been studying the way human body works, we are sill studying and will continue to study it. But we have not been able to fully comprehend this totally amazing, beautiful, complicated, strong yet so delicate human body! Let’s not even go into the spirit and the soul of man!
Yet making these bundles of amazingness took God just 1 day!

So, if this same God who was able to make such amazing “machines” as humans in just 1 day is your Father, why then do you fret, worry yourself sick over life issues and troubles. Is there anything too hard for our God to do? It doesn’t take Him 1 second to solve ANY problem you might have at this time. You just need to trust Him, bring it to Him, lay it down at His feet and find your peace in His perfect will for you.

I dare you to trust Him completely and see if He will not come through for you. He says he will not cast away anyone away who trusts in Him. He will make all things work together for your good and you will yet rejoice in Him. It may not happen the way you want or when you want but I know that God never fails in His promises.

Just want to encourage anyone reading this who might be disappointed, going through life issues that our God is more than able. Do not lose your hope/trust in Him. I pray we all will persevere to see His salvation on the earth in Jesus’ name.

be blessed, be encouraged,  I am praying for you & I need your prayers too.

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