From Bowing, To Protected


From Bowing, To Protected

Posted OnApril 9, 2020 0

I have said this before, and I say it again that Yahweh does not need our worship or praise to affirm Him as the God of heaven and earth. Whether we worship Him or not, He is God anyway.

When He invites us to worship and serve Him, it is to affirm His position as God in our own lives. Because whatever you worship has become your god and that is what you see as having the power to give you everything you need or desire.

So, kneeling before Yahweh in worship and total surrender to His voice brings you right under His full protection. This is because you’re acknowledging that He has the power to protect you.

In a lot of ways, we need His divine protection. There are things we come against that the arm of flesh can do absolutely nothing about. Situations that no amount of money could save you from.

And that’s when some people start to rely on luck or fate. They say what will be will be. If am lucky, then I’ll pull through this.

With God, however, there is no such thing as luck. As long you remain bowed to Him in worship, then He is actively working all things out in your favour. You are His and protecting you becomes His business.

Be strong in your faith and bow yourself to His protection. We all need it now more than ever before. We need divine protection.


Father, thank You because You’re a faithful God who is able to keep anything committed in His hands through all of eternity.

As we continually come bowing and kneeling before You, we affirm that we belong to You. And that we are under Your care. Grant us ears that listen to your instructions and guide our lives away from evil in Yeshua’s mighty name. #Selah.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe under the blood ?. Agape ❤

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