Daily Words of Wisdom.


Daily Words of Wisdom.

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Hello and happy Friday! Here’s your Daily W.O.W. …

It is one thing to have long life, and it is another thing for that life to be satisfying. Yahweh not only desires long life for His children but He also wants them to live highly fulfilled lives. That’s why He has given us the secrets to long and satisfying life in His words. Everything we need for life and godliness has been provided for through the Holy Spirit inspired scriptures

It’s not enough to know the scriptures, but we also have to apply it to our everyday lives, then we will not need to run helter skelter seeking for solutions. If we pay close attention to these things and do not depart from them, we will reap the fruit of life therein.

May Yahweh help us all to gain wisdom and to apply wisdom in Yeshua’s name. #Selah

Do have a wonderful day. Agape ❤️

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