Daily Words of Wisdom.


Daily Words of Wisdom.

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Good morning! Happy Thursday. Here goes your Daily W.O.W. …

While it is good to be mindful of your physical appearance and how well presented we look, it is way more important to take heed to the state of our hearts. Other people will most likely look at how we look physically to judge and place us. On the other hand, Yahweh looks on the state of our hearts. With Him, there is no faking it. He knows exactly how we are on our inward parts and you can be sure to get justice with God.

Take care of the the state of your heart and it will take very good care of you, and earn more you favour which will automatically earn you much more than you could ever get by just taking care of your outward profile. The beauty that glows from the inside will undeniably affect everything on the outside. May Yahweh help us all to focus more on that which matters more. #Selah

Have a glorious day. Agape ❤️

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