I was really blessed the other day…

Was visiting one of my patients, an elderly gentleman who happens to be a Christian (I didn’t know this at the time). As soon as I walked in and said hello, he asked me, are you a Christian? I was taken aback and immediately asked him, “why did you ask?” He then apologised – “oh sorry, I thought you were. It’s just your smile, and the aura around you”. I smiled gently and said yes I am! He said I knew it! I’m a Christian myself!

Later, as we got talking, with tears in his eyes, he said to me “oh sister, thanks for coming, I’ve been blessed by your presence in my home. I can feel the Lord touching me now, His presence is definitely here!”

Wow, what a testimony. I just love the way God is touching lives through me everyday.
I would normally pray for my patients as I approach their homes and I always see the difference as He touches them with His healing hands. I am so blessed.

Just to encourage you. This week and going forward, try everything you can to leave people who come in contact with you in a better state than they were. We are the salt of the earth. Let’s not lose our flavour.

Have a wonderful week ahead!


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