Be A Blessing


Be A Blessing

Posted OnMay 18, 2016 0

Let me tell you a story, one of the many I have from working in the community with sick people.

So I walked into this patient’s house for the first time intending to carry out physio assessment. Well, I found out that wasn’t my mission there!

Anyway after spending 45 minutes with this lady, I had her weeping -“in gratitude,” she said.

All I did was listen, made a phone call and insisted she needed to be seen. I stayed on that call until the doctor on the other end agreed to see this lady the very next day! I also promised to follow up in a few days to ensure she was actually seen.

Turns out this lovely old lady had been suffering for weeks and none of the other professionals coming to see her had been able to secure the appointment she needed to address the real issue even though they had tried.

With tears on her face, she said The Lord has her in His hands and that’s why He sent me to her that day. This brought a tear to my eyes too. I didn’t feel like I did anything spectacular, but to her, it meant a lot.

Now, this is what my life is all about- being the solution someone’s been waiting for. Making the difference and bringing relief and joy to troubled hearts/lives. I feel blessed to be used by God in this way on a daily basis.

You don’t have to be mega rich or influential to start making a difference. You also don’t need to have a large crowd following you in order to start affecting lives for good. You can start anywhere – your day job, on the street, travelling to and from your daily activities, the smile, just listening, the encouraging word and a little helping hand is all it takes and you’ll be surprised at how many lives you’d have touched in no time. Always make your day count towards blessing others. You were blessed to be a blessing!


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