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There is always specific purpose(s) for every manufactured equipment. The best way to find out is by reading the manufacturer’s manual that comes with the equipment. I think you might agree with me that a lot of the gadgets we have today (especially smart phones) are being under utilised simply because many people don’t take time to find out everything the gadget is able to do. They probably use only a tenth of the available functions, and meanwhile that gadget might be capable of doing so much more that life, business, career, etc could be made so much easier.

We human beings are like these gadgets with so much potential most often undiscovered and under utilised.
As a human being, you were created to have authority and not to be subdued. You were created not to be dominated, but to have dominion, and you were created for exploits: either for good or evil – your choice!

However we tend to have so many things thrown at us which try to contest and usurp our purpose. Don’t let any situation or circumstance subdue you, don’t let it have dominion over your life and definitely choose to do great exploits for the good of those you have been called to reach.

I want to encourage you this week as we celebrate the victory of Jesus over sin and death, to remember that you are already a victor and Jesus has made it possible for us to live God’s exact plan and purpose for us. Fight the good fight of faith and always know you were made to win!



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