Hello! Happy Wednesday. Here’s your Daily W.O.W

To the human mind, it was foolish for God Himself to take on flesh, come to earth as a human, leave His glory and His throne to live amongst men. But this foolishness is the greatest wisdom in all of history!

To the human mind, it is incomprehensible that the God of heaven and earth with all the power in heaven and earth in His hands would be weak enough to be murdered and mocked by mere humans, hung up on a tree … how weak …right? WRONG! This is a display of the greatest strength ever known to man. Strength to submit to a shameful death. Strength to bear on Himself the burden of every born and unborn man’s sins. Strength to descend to hell to singlehandedly carry out the deadliest prison break operation ever, to set the captives of death and hell free! Strength to defy the natural laws of death and decay to rise in power and glory. Strength to ascend to the heavens and to become the firstborn amongst many heirs. Oh hallelujah!! Yes, you may look foolish now or weak, but as long as you align with Yeshua the King of kings, and you submit to His Spirit, you’re wiser than the wisest and stronger than the strongest! He lives! We live! #Selah

Have a glorious day. Agape ❤️